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World Mining
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Sell your computing power
on your favorable conditions:
The best price offer; Regular payments; Brand software of the company; A step-by-step guide and a facilitated configuration.

How much profit it is calculated to the Partners for advertising World Mining program?
For the invitation of the Partners to the Company via affiliate link, which uses our application for mining on their equipment, you get a reward, the amount equal up to 10% of their profit. The reward is calculated out of your partner's hourly equipment work, considering that, during that time your partner earned no less than $ 0.00001. The Company pays a reward for attracting tenants (see more info in “For the Partners” section).

Reliability The company is a time-tested reliable partner. We operate all over the world.
Trust Daily, more than 22 thousand miners and crypto-investors around the world use our services!
Profitability The Company estimates the partner’s hash higher than the market average. It is profitable with us!


on algorithms
>239 PH/s

The total capacity of personal equipment running on the pool is more than 239 PH / s. The current indicators for Bitcoin mining are on average 418 BTC per month.

>8 mh/s

The total capacity of the World Mining network for this algorithm exceeds 8 MH / s, which, taking into account the global indicators, shows our serious contribution to the network. In order to start earning on your equipment, connect it to the WM-pool. Each valid share will be paid!

Total number of miners: 2188

Information on World Mining Crypto Market

World Mining has become a reliable partner of crypto-investors and miners around the world. Since 2017, the British company has strengthened its position in this industry, attracted several hundred thousand partners, expanded its field of activities:

  • lease of equipment,
  • trading,
  • mining at an industrial scale,
  • software.

Last years can be called successful and fruitful for World Mining, because during this period important contracts were signed, equipment volumes were expanded, several new farms were opened, presentations were held. The development of our own pool has become a logical step towards our common development. Today we are opening new opportunities for you: now you can sell your own capacities at a competitive price, as well as participate in the pool activity.

Rental of capacities at World Mining

To date, the company has a reputation for being a well-known brand among miners and investors. The work of our analysts is valued by many crypto and financial publications, due to the accuracy of the forecasts of 97% for the last year. Thanks to the close cooperation of the analytical and trader departments, even during the crisis of the industry, the company was active and solvent, its profits served customers without the slightest disruption. Here you can buy hash at any amount. You can learn more about the servers of the company on the official site world

Sales of capacities in World Mining

This is an interesting offer for those who professionally earn on mining, as well as for those who are just starting their path of a miner. At the moment the pool works with only two algorithms: CryptoNight and SНА-256 (mining bitcoin, bitcoin cash, monero). In the foreseeable future, several more highly profitable and efficient algorithms for the mining of other coins will be added. The company's specialists have tried to make the connection simple and convenient.


Get a WorkerID

Find your unique ID for mining in your personal account of
Example: w742947

Download the software for mining

We recommend using the latest versions of the miners that support the monero7 protocol, for example:

  • XMRig (CPU, Nvidia, AMD)
  • XMR-Stak (CPU, Nvidia, AMD)
  • Ccminer-cryptonight(Nvidia)
  • Claymore’s miner(CPU, Nvidia, AMD)
Select port

The port is used in conjunction with the URL and is used to indicate the initial complexity. You must select it based on the total power of your devices.

  • Port descriptions:
  • 3333 - Low-level equipment (CPU, up to 100 h / s)
  • 5555 - Medium and high-level equipment (GPU, farm)
Last step!

Now that you have the worker id, the software for the mining and the port, it's time to put them together. Editing the settings (for example, XMRig) in the configuration file of the miner (config.json or config.txt):

  • "url":"".
  • "user": "w742947".

Connect as many devices as you want through one worker id! You can see the forecasts / results of mining on the statistics page by entering your ID.

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